Windows App Marketplace Gets Picture For The First Time

We’ve stressed before how important developers and apps will be to the success of Windows Phones. Part of that success will be in the usability and enjoyment for consumers to actually use a marketplace to find apps and games. For the first time, thanks to pocketnow, we’re seeing what the Marketplace will look like:


Above is the market home where you can choose what “hub” you want to explore. Very clean. Very simple. Love it. Let’s see what happens when we select applications.


Not too shabby. These cool views give you an idea of what happens when you swipe your phone to the side to reveal another screen. We can see listings of featured apps, new apps, popular apps, and a menu to browse various categories.

Looks kind of confusing at first glance but I’m sure after some toying with it we’ll be experts in no time. Most importantly, we need the phone in our hands!

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