LG Committed To Android & Windows, Won’t Go Proprietary Route

The mobile world has changed considerably in the past several years with brand new players like Android, iPhone, and WebOS stealing the spotlight. Seeing the shift of operating systems, some manufacturers and carriers seem eager to stake their ground by creating a competing OS and Marketplace of their own; but not LG.

lglogo“Our strategy is not to make an independent mobile platform of our own at least for the next two to three years,” Skott Ahn, the head of LG’s handset unit, told a press round table at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain, according to Yonhap News.” [Via FierceWireless]

This is a great decision by LG. Focus on what you do best: build great hardware. Meanwhile, Samsung is focused on their “Bada” platform which is a sure failure. They plan to occupy the space between feature phones and smartphones, but in my opinion that is a narrowing gap and one that will be completely closed once smartphones become the defacto standard in the next 5 years.

By claiming they wouldn’t launch anything in the next 2 years or so that does raise some questions. They could be working on something now that will launch in two years. Either way, they’re leaving the door open to change their mind, which is always good, the tech industry is changing too quickly to make long-term commitments. And 2 years in the tech world is a LONG time.

Glad to see LG focusing on where they can make the biggest impact and I’m looking forward to seeing some LG produced Windows Phone 7 devices.

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