Beta WP developer tools released, a look at what’s ahead

At the MIX10 event, Microsoft has released lots of information and tools for future development on the WP7 platform.


First and foremost, they have released a free package of developer tools that includes Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone and the Silverlight-focused Expression Blend for Windows Phone, which should be enough to start building apps for the upcoming OS. Note that these tools are still in beta.

“Developers are going to be treated to a host of must-have services out of the gate, including accelerometer support, location-based APIs using Microsoft’s own Location Service, a newly-announced Microsoft Notification Service for pushing notifications regardless of whether an app is running (sound familiar?), hardware-accelerated video with integrated DRM and support for Microsoft’s Smooth Streaming tech, multitouch, and camera / microphone access.”

Also a good thing to note is that the proceed split from apps sold on Windows Phone Marketplace will stay 70/30 in favor of the developer, with the rest going to Microsoft.

[via Microsoft and Engadget]

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