Windows Phone Tablet Concept Looks Awesome and Possible

I’m not suggesting that creating the iPad based off the iPhone was an easy feat for Apple to pull off, but it was a logical progression. Perhaps only Apple could have pulled off a tablet that garnered so much attention, but in doing so they essentially opened the doors to a new product line that other companies can now pursue. I’m sure Microsoft will be one of those companies, but that’s thinking a fair bit ahead.

While we wait for Microsoft to make their own tablet, take a look at how one clever designer has envisioned it’s existence:

I’m wondering what they would call it? Windows Tablet 7? Windows Phone Tablet 7? Windows Phone 7 Tablet? Hmmmmm. I like “WinTab” myself. I would say Microsoft should stick with their “X” as in Xbox and call their products xPhone and xTab but they’d catch too much heat for following in Apple’s footsteps.

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