Will The Menlo Project Redirect Windows Phone, Tablet, and Mobile Strategy?

Over at ZDNet they’re making a lot of speculation about two secret projects Microsoft is currently working on: Menlo and Experiment 19. The details of those projects are scarce but what they could conceptually mean for Windows Phones and Windows Tablets are a more unified approach when working with eachother and other windows products such as desktops and laptops.


The idea is that Microsoft will be replacing the core Windows CE with Windows NT, allowing all to be working from the same core elements and more or less act interchangeably. Because of the complexities across various naming structures and operating systems and fragmenting it’s all rather confusing, but if you’re into the nitty gritty details definitely check out the article by Mary-Jo Foley on ZDNet which even scours the web for specific spots that “the Menlo Project” was used by Microsoft employees themselves.

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