HTC Mondrian: 1.3GHz Processor, Windows Phone 7

mondrianWell look what just leaked it self out of XDA Developers, down the hallway, and under our door? The HTC Mondrian which I’m about to mop up for you right now. It won’t take a long but don’t let that fool you- this one is juicy.

The Mondrian was uncovered in a Windows Phone 7 OS ROM that was leaked over the weekend, with the image here extracted from a file named That’s obviously short for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) Avatar. We don’t know if this is an actual picture of the HTC Mondrian or simply a placeholder avatar as the name may suggest. Either way, referencing registry files and other clues have led XDA to believe the phone has a 4.3-inch WVGA screen, 1.3GHz processor, UMTS and CMDA 3G Connectivity, and digital compass.

We know HTC will be launching SOMETHING before the year ends… will it be the Mondrian?

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