LG Panther Shows Off Windows Phone

LG is one of the manufacturers promising a Windows Phone 7 device in the not-too-distant future, and the lucky lads at Pocket-lint got some hands-on time with the LG Panther, which was unveiled in February. It looks a tad clunky compared to other WP7 devices we’ve seen, but based on the reviewers commentary it seems like a great piece of kit.


Features that Pocket-lint really enjoyed included tight Facebook integration, bing map integration, Zune media player integration such as automatic album art discovery,  and Xbox Live Support. Of course these mainly deal with Windows and not the Phone. Regarding the hardware they say it ran smoothly with little other input.

What I agreed with most were the sentiments of Microsoft in agreement with the challenge they face:

Microsoft does admit that “it is a challenge” to get people to understand a smartphone that is not just “a sea of icons”, but it’s certainly heading in the right direction in creating something that is easy to understand but has an awful lot going on under the hood, at least as far as this demo was concerned.

Just like anything, it takes some getting used to. With Android and iPhone contributing to the “sea of icons” approach, Microsoft seems like it found its niche.

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