LG Panther Redubbed LG GW910

We’ve seen a bunch of the LG Panther already, mostly because LG hasn’t exactly been super secretive regarding the handset. MobileTechWorld, however, have gotten their hands on the actual store-ready packaging for the device. Or have they?


It looks as if the final name for the device will be the LG GW910. If you asked me – and I know you didn’t but too bad – this seems a little backward. Usually you’d have a model number or code name like the LG GW910 and then update that name to sound like more of a market-ready and branded success. GW910 just sounds bleh,but it’s LG’s phone and they can do whatever they want with it.

Apparently the Windows Phone 7 logo on this box was botched so this might not be exactly what you see in stores. Pretty exciting that it will indeed be in stores soon though, don’t you think?

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