Windows Phone Live to feature remote sync, wipe, and location for your WP7 device


Andy Lees has announced at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference that a new Windows Phone Live website will be a big feature included at launch for Windows Phone 7.

It appears the site will have two main parts: one dedicated to sync actions, and the other dedicated to lost device actions. The sync actions will presumably allow you to sync contacts, photos, etc. The lost device actions will let you see the location of your device via GPS, call your phone so you can hear it ring, and remotely wipe the device if you really don’t want the thief to see those pics… or you just want to be safe. We believe this app will be free.

I think this is a good move on Microsoft’s part. These essential features should be included, as there are lots of people who don’t know these features exist or are too busy/lazy to search for an app that has these functions.

[update: the site is now live (no pun intended) here.]

[via Windows Phone Blog]

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