In-Depth First Look at Windows Phone 7

win7ssWindows Phone 7 won’t come out for several months, but the lucky folks at Gizmodo already have their hands on a prototype Samsung device sporting the new OS. This prototype won’t ever be sold in stores but it is carrying a beta version of the operating system that consumers will have access to later this year, most likely October.

I encourage you to read the entire account, but I’ll help you out with the main takeaway points:

  • It’s a completely fresh start and very neat
  • They built something entirely new and unique from the competing platforms
  • They successfully leverage Bing, Xbox Live, Zune, and more
  • Oversized text and focus on design, “gloriously modern”
  • Apps are replaced with Hubs, portals to the content that you want with numerous screens each
  • Live tiles on the start screen are like widgets with dynamic content
  • You can “pin” whatever you want to the start screen
  • 3 Buttons: Start, Back, Search
  • Impressive speed
  • People/Accounts handled like a mix of Andriod & WebOS
  • Solid Google and Facebook support
  • Music and video are just what you’d hope, with Zune HD inclusion
  • Dedicated camera key on every device
  • Bing search is excellent
  • Bing Maps is nice
  • Outlook app could be the best mail app on any phone
  • Internet Explorer is competent and quick (surprisingly)
  • Microsoft Office is basic but delightful
  • Marketplace has all goods (apps, games, music, etc…) in one spot
  • Xbox LIVE doesn’t do much just yet, only shows avatar and gamerscore but more integration coming

And the whole things is summed up with, “Windows Phone 7 is good. Really good.”

So far I really like what I’m hearing. Windows Phone 7 can’t come soon enough!

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