HTC Will Offer Sense On Windows Phone 7

HTC Sense has been the most popular manufacturer built custom OS/Skin on the Android system but whether or not they would offer it for Windows Phone 7 was up in the air. Whereas Apple has the tightest control of their ecosystem (only they make it) and Android has the loosest laws (anyone can build on and customize Android how they please), Windows Phone 7 is somewhere in between.

Manufacturers can build hardware running Windows Phone 7 but they limit what can creatively be done, certainly allowing less than Android. According to HTC’s Drew Bamford, this doesn’t mean Sense will be absent from WP7 phones:

“Microsoft has taken firmer control of the core experience,” acknowledged Bamford, who added that Sense wouldn’t be fully integrated into WP7 phones, but that HTC would “augment” the Microsoft experience with as-yet-undisclosed functionality of its own.


This will make some happy and others disgruntled, but thankfully you’ll have loads of other options if you’re not down with HTC Sense.

[Via Forbes]

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