AT&T claims it will be ‘the premier carrier’ of Windows Phone 7


AT&T was hesitant to pick up on the Android revolution, and now that an alternative from Microsoft is developing they seem to be fully backing it despite its unproven track record and lack of third-party support. An AT&T spokeswoman told PC World that “we’ll be the premier carrier for Windows Phone 7”. Further, the popular Altimeter Group analyst Michael Gartenburg received news from a trusted source stating that AT&T has signed up to buy 8 million WP7 phones.

Given that Verizon’s disappointing experience with the Microsoft Kin probably left a bad taste in their mouth, one would think that if Verizon doesn’t fully back the OS, this claim is quite believable. It will be interesting to see how Verizon rebounds with Microsoft products, or if they put them on the back burner and go full force with Android.

The new WP7 platform is expected to launch this fall.

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