Rubik’s Cube App coming to Windows Phone 7

Oh my prayers have been answered the Rubik’s is going to be an app coming to Windows Phone 7, how exciting.  Now I can get just as frustrated trying to figure out in the virtual world as do with an actual Rubik’s cube.


The major problem here is that you can’t remove the stickers to solve it and throwing it in frustration is going to cost a lot more money then it did with an actual $1.99 Rubik’s Cube.

On the plus side Window’s Phone will be offering several unique features besides just a plain old Rubik’s Cube. Those features include:

  • Four different sizes of cubes
  • “Free play” or the more challenging “Timed mode”
  • A timer to keep track of your best solution times
  • Variations like “CRAZY cube” and “Picture cube”
  • A solution guide to help you learn how to solve the puzzle
  • Anaglyphic 3-D mode (3-D glasses not included)

I like the idea of four different cube sizes (I’m hoping for a 1×1 I think I could solve that) or the solution guide might be helpful since I’m a moron and have never solved one of those on my own.  Either way it sounds like an exciting twist on a classic game and it should be a good time-waster.

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