Twoziac Twitter App

Twoziac is a new Twitter App for the Windows phone and has a completely new pretty amazing UI.  There is a video at the bottom showing you how it works way better than I can explain it but I’ll try anyway.


Displayed above is the three different views that Twoziac will feature.  First is the cloud display which will display “more important” people with larger images.  My guess it will either be based on number of followers, self selected, or comments to determine the persons importance.

Second is the histogram view which will allow you to see when people were tweeting and what time was most popular.  Seems like a good tool for anyone in marketing, other than that it’s just cool.

The third view is just the classic list view.

Other cool features include:

Post pictures with geo location using Plixi (Tweetphoto), Yfrog or Twitpic.
Twozaic supports multiple accounts with easy switching.
Search users and tweets.
Create your own lists, add members, and follow lists of other people.
Twozaic offers full support for managing your friends and followers as well as sending and managing direct messages.

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