“Find My Phone” for Windows Phone 7

I am sure you have heard about this service on other phones and now it is coming to the Windows Phone 7.  It is definitely a nice feature which will always help when you are flipping out looking for your phone or wondering if it fell out of your pocket when you are a little less than sober in the cab last night.


The following features will be included:

  • Map It: See your phone’s approximate location via BING maps.
  • Ring It: Have your phone ring loudly for sixty seconds using a special ringtone. The ringer will sound even if your phone is silent or on vibrate only.
  • Lock It: Lock your phone so that nobody else can access it. You will also have the ability to display instructions on how to return your lost phone on the screen.
  • Erase It: Reset your phone to the factory settings and erase all the information on it (e.g. Hard Reset).

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