RSS Reader Fuse for Windows Phone 7

Fuse is a new RSS (Real Simple Syndication) which allows you to view a lot of information without having to open a ton websites.  The main benefit is that you don’t just get to see “headlines” like in Twitter but you can access the information/article.  This reader also has three themes which let you choose from graphics only, words only, or a sliding panel.  There is a preview video at the bottom.


If you are a real blogger you will like this app and you can thank the French developer Rudy Huyn for this contribution.  Other cool features this program touts are:

-Synchronize your feeds automatically or manually, and read them offline.
-3 Different themes: square, Ipsum, Pulsor + others coming soon (pivot very soon)
-Mode landscape and portrait to square and Pulsor
-Personalize your application (theme colors, wallpaper)
-Taking account of the channels YouTube – add, delete, modify your data (RSS/YouTube)

[via MobilityDigest]

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