More Good News for Europeans

Well it gets better America.  Now Spain is touting that they will have the Windows Phone 7 on the launch date of Oct. 21st.  Again the Spaniards will have several carriers to choose from including Orange, Vodafone, and Movistar.  Also get this Toshiba is making a come back in Espana bringing some hardware to the table.


Now Toshiba was one of the OEM’s but they have really talked about too much lately.  Anyway above is the TG103 and it currently runs Windows 6.1 but it is said that it will also run Windows Phone 7 when the time comes, so maybe this is what Spain will see.

Either way I would be pretty excited to see Toshiba release some phones running Windows Phone 7 in the U.S.  I have always liked their products.

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