Windows Phone 7 v. Windows 6.5

I just want to thank Pocketnow for taking time out of their day comparing Windows Phone 7 to Windows 6.5.  That way all I have to do is embed it at the bottom of this page.  First though I am going to steal their picture.


After watching the video I am impressed with the Windows Phone 7, although Brandon seems to be back-and-forth between the HTC sense app on Windows 6.5 I like Windows Phone 7 better.

The custom front screen looks good and I once you find your app in the vertical list you can put it on the front then move it’s position so the I don’t see a problem with the alphabetical list.

Also it seems like a lot of the “issues” were solved by outside app or task managers that were downloaded at a later time.  I think these are things we will see in the future.  Plus I really like the internet browsing and no freezing.

[via Pocketnow]

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