WP7 as Big Brother

Microsoft has put out a job posting looking for someone to build an app that will track the WP7’s performance across different hardware. ┬áThe envisioned app is called Watson and it is pitched as an app that will help track phone quality in the hopes of improving reliability, battery life, and other phone features.


It’s probably called Watson, after Dr. Watson, since it’ll basically be spying on your phone and analyzing the data but I thought everyone would appreciate a picture of Emma Watson more than an old Dick (private eye) name Dr. Watson.

There has already been speculation by others that Microsoft, like WMPoweruser, might have some ‘secret’ intentions with this app besides just providing such as selling browsing and app usage data to carriers. ┬áBut for now we can just hope it is for the benefit of the consumer.

[via WMPowerUser]

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