$99 Marketplace Rebate for Devs

So it’s well known that it costs $99.00 to be able to develop up to five apps for Windows Phone 7.  However, this little tidbit just came out that you can get a $99.00 rebate after your 2nd app gets accepted into the marketplace.  That’s right two apps and then the first five apps you develop won’t cost you anything.  Except tons of time that you could spend making other money instead of developing apps that have one last bug you have to work out but how to do it just keeps escaping your mind and making you want to punch something.  Maybe that’s just me.

Anyway here is what you need to know:

  1. Sign up at phone.microsoftplatformready.com
  2. Download the free developer tools
  3. Get tele-tech support from Microsoft experts to speed your time to market, join now to access
  4. Get $99 Marketplace Rebate. Rebate is valid for developers who publish 2+ apps into WP7 Marketplace, rebate will be sent within 4 weeks of publishing of second app. Limited time offer.

For more benefit to be a member of MPR, see New Benefits for Microsoft Platform Ready for more detail.


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