HTC HD7 Passes GCM

The HTC HD7 which has been heavily talked about received a go-ahead from the Global Certification Forum.  This means the HD7 is cleared for launch and can go on sale tomorrow at the Global Launch of Windows Phone 7.


The good news is that there is most likely an HD7 headed for the U.S. that will hold twice the amount of storage as the one cleared for sale in Europe.  That’s right in America even our phones carry more weight, everything is heavier over here, yeah baby. reports the HTC HD7, now thoroughly leaked, has just passed through the Global Certification Forum, meaning the device is now cleared for sale on GSM carriers.

The version which passed through is with 900/2100 MHz bands, intended most like for Europe, but recent leaks has shown a well-featured version featuring double the storage coming to USA.

All should be revealed tomorrow, with the global launch of Windows Phone 7.

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