Steve Ballmer’s Press Conference

Steve Ballmer revealed some interesting tidbits about their future plans for the Windows phone and where they want to go with it.  Steve said they want everyone to be able represent themselves in their phones.


“I put up here on this screen my phone, the way I have made the Windows Phone wonderfully mine, with my pictures, with my e-mail, with my friends, with my son the lacrosse player, with my trip report notes that I’m taking all the time; it’s my start screen, my friends, my activities, my world, and, of course, my avatar at the end of the day. (Laughter.) Maybe in a sense pretty obviously my avatar. There you go.”

This doesn’t really sound like they will be revolutionizing the phone industry but it does sound like it will have some pretty neat customization options.  One interesting tidbit that caught my eye was that you can track your weight in your phone.  Although this seems a little ridiculous I think it’s a feature a lot of people will use and might find helpful if they are trying out a new diet.

A few other interesting points is that they will have nine phones ready for release in November and there are three phones releasing for AT&T which will all be priced at $199.99, so I am guessing the other phones will be priced in that neighborhood.

I am anticipating November and looking forward to the phone releases and to see how well Windows infiltrates the market.

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