Glance and Go

Microsoft has been pushing that they will be speeding up personal phone usage time.  Of course, we ourselves are never guilty of phone over usage but we all seem to notice how long our friends or family have their heads craned down plugging away on their phones.  Well the Windows Phone 7 wants to solve that problem by making the phone work better for the user.


The phone will have “Live Tiles” which will be custom created by whoever owns the phone or whichever friend gets a hold of the phone and changes all the tiles.  The idea is that you can quickly find the data and information you need and then continue on with whatever it is you are doing, or as they coining the term ‘Glance and Go’.

This idea should work well as long as they don’t make it as difficult as forming columns in Microsoft Word and trying to type in the second column before you filled in the first.  Everyone knows what I am talking about and how that can drive you crazy.

The nice thing is that you can re-arrange the tiles on the phone to whatever is most important to you and that should help speed up the amount of time you need to navigate on your phone.

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