Playing up Bad Phone Behavior

Microsoft is really putting a lot of dollars into their marketing scheme of improving phone etiquette.  As you can see from the ad below they are poking fun at all the people who are just on their phone at absurd times.

Although I think the interface well help organize the information and make it easily accessible, I don’t think it is going to reduce the amount of time people spend staring at their phones.  Unfortunately, that’s just a bad habit that has replaced nail biting and hair twirling.  They are still going to be texting and playing  the awesome games that are available.

The one neat feature is that the “Live Tiles” will update automatically via internet so when you look down you can have the most current information whether it be, friend updates, weather, traffic, headline news, or a sports ticker.  As long as that doesn’t devour battery life it should make it should make it easier to just look at your phone see if there are updates and keep going.

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