T-Mobile Demos WP7

CNET got a hands on view of the some of the T-Mobile Devices (video at bottom).  First we get a look at the HTC HD7 which shows Netflix and T-Mobile TV, a family app which allows to synch schedules with family/close friends, and the ever desired kickstand.


The other phone they viewed was the Dell Venue Pro which I liked the better.  Even on camera the screen looked better and brighter than the HTC HD7.  I also liked the portrait sliding Qwerty Keyboard, it flows with the OS.  As the rep points out it makes it easier for one handed texting, which might be a little old school, but I’m old school.  Also I liked that you can get it as 16 GB vs. 8 GB which I am sure most people are happy about since that was a pretty popular complaint when the phone was first leaked/announced.  The only problem is that they are T Mobile so I will not be using either of these phones unfortunately.

[via CNET]

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