Preview: Xbox Live on WP7

Techlicious’ Suzanne Kantra got a little preview of the Xbox Live HUB from Emily Blair of Microsoft who is quite “Techlicious” herself I might add.


In the video below Emily goes through the Xbox Live Hub and shows us all the neat features that it adds.  If you are used to Xbox Live on your console it really isn’t much different but there is one or two cool exceptions.

There is the games screen which lets you see all the games you own plus ones available for download or demo.

The Spotlight screen is just a screen for the latest news on games, hopefully you can customize/filter it to give you news on only certain types of games or something, they didn’t really get into that.

The other cool feature is the “Requests” screen.  It is basically the invite process expedited and simplified. You can nudge a friend to play a game, tell them that it’s their turn and they are taking to long and to hurry up for a turn by turn game like words with friends, or you can forfeit quickly and just let them they know they won and you’re done and you probably don’t want to listen to them gloat for ten minutes.  Okay it might not have the I don’t want to listen to you gloat feature but it would be cool if it did.

Anyway check out the video.

You can also see a full list of the games that will be available at launch here.

[via Techlicious]

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