Programming is Easy Peezy

Michael Dell said that programming for the Windows Phone 7 was easier to program for than Google’s Android.  His exact words were, “Windows Phone 7 has done an even better job than the Android at making it easy to develop the apps.”  Being that Android is easier than Apple that means WP 7 is easier than Apple too.  So in other words it’s the easiest smartphone to program for, or the smartest.  You could go as far to say, “It’s easy as Dell.”  I should be in advertising.  I’ll get back on topic after the break.


This comment becomes more significant when Dell dropped another tid bit of information on us later during the event.  He also said Android now has more originations than Apple and it happened at staggering rate.  I believe he is inferring that since WP 7 is so easy to develop for that we will be seeing a ton of apps being released for the OS at a high rate.

This is good news for WP 7 owners/soon-to-be owners because this means that WP 7 will probably have more originations than both it’s competitors in a few years.

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