LG Owners will get FREE Access to Windows 7 Apps

LG Owners will get an added bonus of getting some free Windows 7 apps.  That’s right by LG and get some free goodies.  Microsoft and LG plan to release 10 applications, which would cost over $30.00, for free every 60 days.  They plan to include all different kinds of apps from one’s that offer social connectivity, games, and helpful utilities.  They will all be available at the LG App store.

lg phone

Again I like Microsoft’s awareness of what they will need to do to be competitive in the smart phone market and I definitely think they are going to make waves.

The following is a statement from Chang Ma, vice president of the Mobile Communications (MC) Marketing Strategy Team at LG, “When we pledged early last year to support Microsoft’s smartphone strategy, we knew we were making a decision that had the potential to generate ripples in the ecosystem,” he then added, “Microsoft’s commitment to the developer community is well known and respected in the industry, and we look forward to seeing this partnership with Microsoft lead to greater things.”

I couldn’t agree with these statements more and I am excited to see where this goes.  It’s nice to see two major companies giving back to the consumer.  I realize they are both just really marketing and generating more initial sales but it’s not like they have to give stuff away for free to make money.

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