Best free productivity apps for Windows Phone

With the flood of apps to the Windows Phone Marketplace, its tough to sort through everything. Below is a list of our favorite productivity apps.

  • Adobe Reader. No, it does not come preinstalled!
  • Amazon Kindle. I can’t say I’ve tried to use an e-book reader on a phone, but if you’re a reader and don’t have your tablet on hand, this is your next best option.
  • OverDrive┬áMedia Console. Download eBooks from your local or school library straight to your phone!
  • Tasks. A very elegant to-do list app with priorities.
  • Noborizaka. Complete real-life tasks, level up! Harder tasks give you more EXP. A fun way to get things done for RPG lovers. (free to try)
  • Flashcards. This one’s for students. It’s ad-free and boasts Review Mode and Quiz Mode for a well-rounded experience.
  • My Flip Cards. Less functionality than Flashcards, but it features’s library of pre-made sets.
  • TappIn. Access all the files on your home computer from your WP.


[via Windows Phone Blog and Pocket-lint]

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