New Apps plus a look into the future for Windows Phone 7

You can already see the partnership with Nokia taking off and the direction that Windows Phone is going to go.  There will be enhanced browsing capabilities via IE 9, additional multitasking capabilities, support for Microsoft Office documents in the cloud via skydrive, and the addition of Twitter to the People Hub which is another example of making the smart phone more efficient.  There is no need for a separate Twitter app just like there is no need for a separate FB app.


Other exciting news is that right now there are 8,000 apps in the marketplace and 28,000 registered developers.  That’s right 28,000 developers so I think we might start to see a dramatic increase in the apps available for the Windows phone.

Also the phone is going to become available on Verizon and AT&T networks soon.  I’ll update more about the launch it when I hear about it.  They seem to be doing everything right so far and are headed in the right direction.

Achim Berg, a corporate vice president in Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Business and Marketing Group said,  “We know we have tough competition, and this is a completely new product. Our design is different, our platform is different, our customer experience is different, and our long-term strategy for earning widespread adoption is different.”

In this case, like most, being different or having some individuality is a good thing.

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