Developers are Taking Notice

Developers seemed to have taken a liking to the Windows Phone 7 and there are some pretty impressive numbers to prove it.  First of all there have been 1.5 million Windows Phones Developer Tools downloaded.  There are 36,000 official developers who have created over 11,500 apps, 7,500 of which generate income for the the developer.


To continue on there are an average of 1,200 developers being added weekly.  That number might be a little inflated since they are relatively new to the market but it also might be because Microsoft has averaged a 1.8 day turn-around-time to let you know if your app is certified or not.

Also good news for developers is that the average customer is downloading 12 apps each month.

This is all pretty exciting news and we should continue to see a lot of apps offered for the Windows phone at an alarming pace.  Hopefully Microsoft can keep up like they have been.

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