HP To Make Windows Tablets Despite Owning WebOS?


It isn’t a complete surprise that HP – the world’s largest personal computer maker – decided not to produce Android tablets and instead purchased Palm for $1.2 Billion dollars. With their sleek and sexy WebOS, Palm had a ton of potential but not enough resources to fight the competition. With more than enough resources, HP was happy step in.

But if HP has such a huge interest in making WebOS succeed, why are they going to produce Windows-based Tablets? With the release of the WebOS Touchpad, it’s surprising to hear HP putting resources to something essentially similar to Android: a competitor. While HP and Microsoft are already huge partners on the PC side of things, it makes me wonder a few things:

  1. Is HP concerned about the potential of WebOS’ success?
  2. Is HP simply hedging their bet in case WebOS fails?
  3. Does HP see Windows Phone and Windows Tablet as such a huge opportunity that it cannot be overlooked?
  4. Or perhaps they’re partnering with Microsoft on a Tablet simply to appease their longstanding partner’s requests?

While the quotes and demeanor certainly sound as if an HP Windows-based tablet is in the works, it isn’t a done deal, merely rumor and speculation at this point. Regardless, this bodes very well for the future of not only Windows Phone, Windows Tablet, and any other mobile Windows device Microsoft’s partners care to create.

Would you be keen on buying a Windows-based Tablet or would you much rather have an Android Tablet or iPad given they’re a bit more mature and proven?

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