25,000 Windows Phone Apps Now In Marketplace

app-marketplaceApple now has 450,000 apps in their App Store. Android has 200,000 apps in their market. BlackBerry, WebOS, and Windows are both far behind in the numbers and momentum game, but the latest reportindicates Windows Phone has a serious shot at playing a part in a smartphone OS trifecta along with Android and Apple.

That’s right: despite large adoption numbers, Windows Phone now has 25,000 apps in their marketplace. Developer support is hugely important and with the world’s largest phone manufacturer – Nokia – fully supporting Microsoft’s mobile OS, it seems developers are anxious to get first mover advantage when Windows Phones get big.

Judging by buzz of Mango, the codename for the upcoming Windows Phone OS version, Microsoft could have a serious shot at contending by the time 2011 comes to a close. If the holiday season features a strong lineup of Windows Phone options this app momentum will continue and we’ll have some seriously excited WPS folks.

Think about this real quick. That number – 25,000 – is already 12.5% of Android Market numbers and 5.5% of Apple App Store figures. Seems like a small number, sure, but how many QUALITY apps are in those stores? Once the flood starts, Windows Phone shouldn’t have too much of a problem catching up. Or at least contending.

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