Nokia Apps Will Be Available On All Windows Phones (Not Just Nokia’s)

By now we’re used to manufacturers fluffing up their phones with their own proprietary designs, widgets, apps, bloatware and more and Nokia is no different. Or maybe they are: while Nokia will definitely be loading up their Windows Phones with custom apps, they’ve just announced that they’ll also make these Nokia Apps available on every Windows Phone.


This is a great idea in my opinion and a concept that other manufacturers should be embracing. Why don’t manufacturers install their creations by default on their own handsets, but still make their apps available elsewhere for free or even purchase? It’s all about expanding your user base and that’s exactly what HTC should be doing with Sense, Motorola with Blur, and hopefully this will succeed with Nokia and we’ll see more of it in the future.

Not to mention, over the years Nokia has been developing some pretty killer apps and they could very likely build an entire new portion of their business with this approach. If their apps are successful across all Windows Phones, who knows, maybe they’ll even develop for other platforms?

But I guess here, at WPS, we’re just happy that all the Windows Phone users will have access to the Nokia Apps. That is… assuming they’re good. Bring it on, Nokia!

[Via PocketLint]

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