Dell, ASUS still expected to manufacture Windows Phones

Although we reported that Dell and ASUS were planning to have devices available at the launch of Windows Phone 7, TechCrunch said that the only remaining partners in the Windows Phone were HTC, Samsung, and LG. However, Dell has responded saying that this is false and they still have plans to work with Microsoft on their mobile venture.

Any reports, or speculation, that report Dell will not support Windows Phone 7 are false… Microsoft announced Dell as a supporting partner at this year’s Mobile World Congress and nothing’s changed. We are excited to collaborate with Microsoft on Windows Phone 7, and are looking forward to bringing customers amazing mobile experiences. -Mike Paretta, Spokesman, Dell Inc.

TechCrunch still believes, however, that Dell will not have any offerings at launch. Dell has been working on Android devices recently, so maybe at the moment Windows Phone is on the back burner.

HP still seems to be out of the runnings with Windows Phone, as reported by CNBC. No word yet on where ASUS stands on the Windows Phone front at this point, but we don’t think they would up and ditch Microsoft… I mean, it’s Microsoft.

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