Microsoft goes all-out at their NYC Windows Phone event

To celebrate the launch of the new Windows Phones, Microsoft put together quite a show in New York City this past Monday.

Installed in the heart of the city was a 6-story tall Windows Phone that featured one of WP 7.5’s most distinguishable characteristics: live tiles. At the start of the day the live tiles displayed live tweets, but when the demonstrations and performances got underway, things got a little interesting.


“The…movable panels could open up to show various stages where the Far East Movement may show up and play a few songs, or some weather reporters from Accuweather might give you a forcast next to the Accuweather live tile, or Plants and Zombies might dance around.

At one point one of the live tiles opened up and some one proposed to his girlfriend. After she said yes, the Facebook tile on the phone indicated that this guy’s relationship status had been updated to ‘engaged’.”

Here’s an awesome compilation video of the event:

[via PocketNow]

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