Best feed reader apps for Windows Phone 7

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Whether you’re a Google Reader user or not, the marketplace has you covered for good news aggregation apps. Here are some of our favorites.


Weave / Weave Free. If you’re looking for an app with built-in news sources, Weave is for you. It comes packed with a library featuring 33 categories such as world, financial, sports, deals, video games, technology, and more. You can also search for new feeds, preview articles, and share posts via twitter, facebook, etc. Feature that it lacks are tiles support and offline reading. The only caveat with the free version is that there are ads.

For those looking to import their RSS feeds from Google Reader, any one of the following should do the trick. Most of it is your personal design preference.


NextGen Reader ($1.99 or trial). A very good looking, smooth, and fast reader with a good use of the live tiles. Must have a Google account. Includes YouTube support. Developer has been good about responding to feedback. Complaints include the inability to swipe to next article (must click button) and the non-caching of images. Hopefully these will be implemented on future releases.


Feed Reader ($.99)/ Feed Reader Free. YouTube video support. Allows text-to-speech for headlines and summaries which is great for biking or driving. Includes offline mode. Also features built-in twitter and podcast support. Share via twitter/facebook/email, etc. The free version is the same app except with ads.


Wonder Reader ($1.99 or trial). Very good integration with the style of WP 7.5. Very fast and feature-packed. Was a step behind NextGen Reader but has caught up. Allows 2-way sync. Embedded YouTube feature only works in paid version. Google Reader account required.

Feel free to leave a comment with your personal favorite (and why!), and if you think we’re missing any!

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