GoVoice, free Google Voice app, will soon receive Mango update


There are several Google Voice apps out on the Marketplace, but GoVoice has stood out as one of best (its also free). Despite the fact that current version has a few bugs and doesn’t have a “native” WP7 feel, developer Nick Yu is proud to announce that v3.2 will be released very shortly and will feature a host of fixes, most notably speed improvements. Check below for a list of changes:

  • Smart dialing/texting – Type the phone/name of a contact without going into the contact picker
  • Hyperlink within a message – click on the link, email, or phone number directly in text messages
  • Better notification setup – eliminating the need to leave app to setup GVMax. All gmail forwarding is set up in the app
  • Better tombstoning and Mango support – resume app faster
  • Better scrolling within conversations
  • Added the ability to call phones directly and not through GoVoice
  • Minor other fixes

Head here for the current version. We’ll let you know when the Mango edition drops.

[via WPCentral]

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