Unity game engine will skip WP7, looks forward to WP8


With the first generation of anything, there are usually some drawbacks. Turns out one of those drawbacks with Windows Phone 7 is that the Unity gaming engine will not be supported.

The CEO of Unity Technologies, David Helgason, has stated that this is mainly due to WP7’s closed environment:

“[WP7] is a relatively closed system so you can’t run native content, which means we can’t really support it.  We could, in theory, do what we’ve done with Flash, which is to rewrite the engine so it works inside a non-native environment. So it could be done, in theory, but it’s very much in theory because that would require a huge amount of work and uncertain results.”

Here’s a demo of various games running on the Unity engine, hopefully something we can look forward to when Windows Phone 8 is released:

[via Develop]

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