Microsoft offering $25 prepaid app card for free to recent and soon-to-be Windows Phone buyers


The reasons to switch to Windows Phone are getting even more numerous.

All Windows Phones purchased between Nov. 2 and Dec. 31 are eligible for a free $25 pre-paid app card which works on all purchases in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Just head to Microsoft’s promo page and sign up.

I think this a great move from Microsoft because it will let people browse the Marketplace with a cost-free mindset, allowing them to look further into the “non-essential” apps category and see what kind of stuff is out there. It will also undoubtedly make their experience with Windows Phone better.

Microsoft’s app sales will definitely fall short for the first few months or year, but they are going for the long haul, and getting people acquainted and excited about the Marketplace is the first step.

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