Microsoft to encrypt apps to prevent piracy


All phone operating systems are experiencing piracy of their apps. For consumers, it’s simple and is a low risk ordeal the way the system currently works, but Microsoft is working on a way to put an early end to this on Windows Phone, specifically by using a new server-side encryption on apps uploaded to the Marketplace.

As it stands with Windows Phone, all that is required to pirate an app is to unlock your phone using the Microsoft-approved ChevronWP7 ($9 to develop your own apps) or purchase of Microsoft’s official developer unlock ($99 to develop and publish your own apps) and acquire the XAP application file from Microsoft’s servers.

Microsoft’s plans are to enable the new layer of encryption on their apps after most of the user base upgrades to WP 7.5 Mango, as this is the latest version that supports the encryption.

[via winrumors]

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