ArkWords and Urban Dictionary 7 Get the Mango Treatment, Word Lovers Rejoice

Two apps that are likely pinned to every word lovers home screen have been updated in the Marketplace. Both updates are of the Mango variety which is always good to see.

First up is the free¬†dictionary¬†app “ArkWords.” This is a must have for anyone who is constantly looking up the definition of words. ArkWords also has a thesaurus, translator, Bing search, and Word of the Day live tile. The update adds Mango support, but also more definitions, sharing ability, and translating tweaks.

Next up is everyones favorite slang dictionary app: Urban Dictionary 7. While this app may not be “official” it certainly could pass for it. In this update animations have been added along with Mango app switching. A new feature called Urban Zen has been added. Urban Zen pairs words with images from Bing in a hilarious slideshow.

Marketplace: ArkWords, Urban Dictionary 7 (Free, Paid)

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