AT&T and Verizon to Test 4G LTE Lumia Phone

It seems as though Nokia is eager to get the ball rolling for its handsets in the U.S., as CNET reports that the handset manufacturer is testing a 4G LTE version of the Lumia 800. This is interesting news indeed, since Windows Phone 7 does not officially support LTE.

No LTE support has been a handicap for U.S. carriers who have had to step up their game in providing 4G devices and services to their customers. Nokia will likely face many challenges in getting a 4G LTE version of the Lumia 800 running on major U.S. networks, as carriers often test devices they have no plans to roll out to the public.

When contacted for more information, the spokespersons for AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and Nokia all declined to comment.

[via CNET]




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