HTC Radar 4G Claims Spot as Second Highest Rated Phone at T-Mobile

The awards just keep coming in today for Windows Phones. Earlier the the HTC Titan and Samsung Focus Flash both made it into the top four highest rated smartphones on AT&T, and now there is similar praise to be had on T-Mobile. The HTC Radar, everyones favorite mid-range device, has earned second place in the highest rated phone list on T-Mobile. The Radar comes just before the Android beast that is the Amaze 4G. The Radar blows away the first place device in number of reviews (76).

Making these lists may not come with actual awards, but the highest award a phone canĀ receiveĀ is customer satisfaction. If someone loves their phone they’re going to tell their friends about it and show them all the cool things it can do. A happy customer can be the best advertiser, and that’s why customer satisfaction is key.

[via WPCentral]

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