HTC Titan Takes Top Spot in Highest Rated Smartphone on AT&T

As its name implies the HTC Titan is a powerful device. The Titan has demonstrated these powers by taking the top spot on AT&T’s highest rated smartphone list. The Titan has defeated the likes of the iPhone and popular Android devices like the Motorola Atrix 2. The Titan comes in at five stars, but only 27 reviews compared to the 65 reviews of the Atrix 2. That might not be a totally fair contest, but we think the Titan’s reviews will only get better.

Also in the top four is the Samsung Focus Flash (which can be picked up for $.99). This device comes in at five stars as well, but with 49 reviews. It’s a known fact that customer satisfaction among Windows Phone owners is generally high, so this list should come as no surprise. Still it’s always good to see our beloved OS come in above the competition.

[via WPCentral]

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