Three New Xbox Live Games to Look Forward to This Week

One of the best things about owning a Windows Phone is the Xbox Live integration. If you’re an avid gamer you already love the games that are offered, but we’ve got three more heading your way this week.

First up is Iron Wagon. To put it simply Battle Wagon is a game where you send a wagon into battle. Your weapon is a wagon as you try to destroy the “Baron’s” fortifications. As you go through the 68 levels you will level up and increase the power of your wagon. Battle Wagon will have 18 Xbox Live acheivements. It will launch at $2.99 with a free trial.

Second is Doodle God. In Doodle God you must combine available elements to obtain other elements. You start with four elements with the possibility to collect all 115. The game provides hints every few minutes if you hit a road block. Doodle God will launch with $2.99 with a free trial.

Last is Breeze. This game is made by Microsoft Studios, and is billed as “light entertainment for persons of all ages.” The basics of the game is to blow a flower through 60 different levels. Be careful, this soothing game could put you to sleep with it’s light soundtrack and smooth graphics.

[via WMPoweruser]

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