Windows Phone Gets its Own Cydia in the Form of “Bazaar”

If you’ve every owned an iPhone or an iPod chances are you’ve heard of Cydia. Cydia is a third-party market for downloading apps that Apple doesn’t allow in their own appstore. This is great because if it wasn’t for Cydia it would be a lot harder to find some great apps. That’s the problem with Windows Phone and homebrew apps right now. They lack a centralized place to search and find great apps that Microsoft doesn’t allow in its own Marketplace. Enter Bazaar.

Bazaar aims to be the Cydia of the Windows Phone world. Right now it’s on a limited release with 1,000 apps to test how the servers handle the load, but eventually it will go full scale and offer may features. Developers will be able to submit their apps to the bazaar website, users will be able to create a Bazaar account, download apps in batches, and search via the online repository. Right now Bazaar can only be installed on custom ROMs that support XAP-installation via IE. Head on over to the XDA thread below to learn more.

[via XDA]

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