John Gruber Says Windows Phone is Better Than Android

If you’re not familiar with John Gruber think of him as the number one Apple fanboy. He runs the technology blog ‘Daring Fireball’ and writes¬†predominantly¬†about Apple and why other things suck. Unlike most fanboys Gruber presents his views in an intelligent and thought out manner.

Gruber was on the show ‘On The Verge’ this week and talked about Windows Phone among many other things. Gruber admitted that he thinks Windows Phone is very interesting, and he thinks it’s very odd that it’s not doing well in the market. Gruber said the “worst thing anyone can say about Windows Phone is that it’s as good, if not better, than Android.” Those are kind words coming from an Apple enthusiast.

Gruber closed his Windows Phone discussion with an interesting point. He talked about taking 1,000 people and going back to 2006 before the big smartphone boom happened. Put an iPhone 4S, Galaxy Nexus, and a Windows Phone in front of these 1,000 who have never seen a modern smartphone. Gruber suggests that the numbers based off those 1,000 would be drastically different than what the market shows today. He even said he thinks Windows Phone would be much more adopted if people back then would be told about its integration with Windows on a PC.

[via The Verge]

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