Third Party Apps Now Have Access to SkyDrive

One of the best things to have on a phone is access to the cloud. The cloud makes transitioning to a new phone so seamless that we wonder how we ever lived without it. There is something almost magically about signing into a phone and having all your information be there waiting for you. Microsoft has done most of that already with SkyDrive, but now it hopes to do even more by opening the APIs up to developers.

What does this mean? Developers can now have their apps save data to your SkyDrive (if you so choose). This can save space on your phones hard drive, but also make the setup process of a new phone even simpler. Imagine a game that saves your data to the cloud; just sign in to your phone and the game is right where you left off on your old phone. Or maybe you have to factory reset your phone and you didn’t have time to save anything. No worries, it’s all in the cloud.

This is something that can’t be done with third party apps on Android or iOS. Hopefully many developers take advantage of these tools.

[via XDA]

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