Microsoft Confirms Messaging Bugs, Promises to Fix the Problem

Late last night we reported that WinRumors broke a story about a fatal flaw in the messaging app for all Windows Mango phones. The bug would force the phone to reboot after locking up the messaging hub functionality. All Mango devices seemed to be effective according to WinRumors testing, no matter the specific Mango build or model of the phone. The bug can also be triggered through the sending of Facebook and Windows Live messages from the hub.

While initially Microsoft was quiet when the exploit was made public, tonight the senior product manager, Greg Sulivan issued a statement saying, “We are aware of the issue and our engineering teams are examining it now. Once we have more details, we will take appropriate action to help ensure customers are protected.”

Microsoft can release an over-the-air hotfix to fix the problem should they decide to do so, but so far all patches have been released via the Zune application.

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